Fulvic Acid 4% Capsules

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Fulvic Acid restores all minerals and has a rippling effect on the colon, gut, brain, all nerves, cells and organs. It provides an electrical charge to the body. Also detoxing and healing.
Fulvic acid might block reactions in the body that cause allergy symptoms. It might also interrupt steps involved in the worsening of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, fulvic acid might reduce swelling and prevent or slow the growth of cancer.

Dosage: 1 – 2 Capsule daily with plenty of water

Content: 90 Capsules with 600mg Fulvic Acid 4%.

Consult Health Practitioner when Pregnant or breastfeeding, on specific medication or have specific health problems.

Additional Description

Research has shown that exposure to more natural organisms found in soil, such as fulvic acid, has benefits for:

  • digestion
  • boosting nutrient absorption
  • gut health
  • immunity
  • cognitive functioning
  • improving energy levels
  • protecting us from infections, viruses, yeasts and fungus
  • boosting skin health
  • slowing down ageing and more . . .


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